Did I used to bind? If so, with what kind of binder? What company?

Yes, I used to bind. I initially bought an Underworks binder which I wore for less than a week because not only did it not make me any flatter than a sports bra did, it was also so uncomfortable that wearing it was not worth it. Thankfully, someone recommended gc2b binders ( to me and I used those up until my top surgery. I 100% recommend using these binders. They are comfortable and they work incredibly well. As I’ve said in previous posts and sections of this, I had a relatively large (36DD) chest, pre-op. Yet I passed quite often wearing the gc2b binder.

Binder sizing?

Gc2b has a page on their website calling “Sizing” (!sizing/c113j) which explains how to measure your chest correctly. Follow those directions and you should be good! For reference, I wore a large.

What color if I want it not be seen in a white T-shirt?

I only bought the grey ones and they were invisible under my white T-shirts.


Where do I get my clothes?

I shop mainly at Urban Outfitters and Pacsun for clothes that are style appropriate. Some of my jackets and plaid come from American Eagle. My jeans are all Levi’s 511 slim fits but I buy them at UO, typically. Bland/simple stuff like plain white t-shirts or v-necks I get from Walmart or Gap or Old Navy.

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