Top surgery recovery


DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and therefore I am also not a professional so my answers are gleaned from my own experience  – my interaction with my doctors, my friends and their own experiences, and of course my own chest and it’s healing process.

How long does it take for the scars to heal?

My scars have been steadily healing since I got surgery last March (2015). The wounds took about 2-4 weeks to close up completely but I remained inactive for as long as Dr. Garramone recommended which was 6 weeks.

What did you use on the scars?

Dr. Garramone recommended the use of Scarguard which I used for about 8-10 weeks after surgery. (Dr. Garramone recommends starting to use it about 2 weeks after surgery when the silicone strips fell off.)

Since then I’ve sporadically used a post-pardum oil mixture (Vitamin E, cocoa, etc.) that I spread along the scar and massage. The massaging was probably the most important for me because I got a pretty good about of scar tissue build up over the first several months after surgery. That build up has all died down, though, and my scars are flat now.

I have used little to nothing on them since about July or August of last year (2015) so that’s nothing after 5-6 months post op.

When did you start exercising again?

Dr. Garramone strongly suggests that you do no absolutely no exercise for 6 weeks after surgery so I did exactly that. I started swimming on the 52nd day post op. If you are concerned about stretching of the scars, I would hold off for a few more weeks — perhaps 8-12 (depending on how safe you want to be) — to prevent it. I didn’t care a whole lot about the stretching and getting back into the pool before college was more important to me. But like I said, if it’s a priority for you not to stretch the scars, hold off on anything that requires much hands-over-head movement for a few more weeks.

Are you happy with your results?

Unequivocally, yes.

How does it look? How have they faded?

This question is much better answered through looking through my Instagram, namely these posts:

You can also check out my YouTube top surgery updates. 


For how to schedule surgery, what type of surgery I got, etc., see my other page on my top surgery

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